Cya-Junk und Sleigh Bells Appreciation Day

Yes! I am very happy that interesting artists are now getting a lot of mainstream recognition. Sleigh Bells has been a noisy electropop favorite of mine since JP from Rabbit Junk told me about it in the summer of 2010. You might remember that brief tour and some gory details. If not, ask somebody who's cooler than you. That guy who always says "I was THERE, man!" That guy likes validation. A LOT.

So in... uh... June (2010) was the 2nd time doing our always-fun/now-semi-infamous Cya-Junk shows in Portland, San Fran, Los Angeles and Chicago. For the people who weren't there (and there were probably only 250 people in attendance if you combine all the shows), for these shows it was Cyanotic (me, Chris, Eris) with JP from Rabbit Junk onstage playing a midi controller and shouting backup vocals. Every night Cyanotic plus JP would flip and become Rabbit Junk plus me (Sean) and Chris. It was a lot of fun and we are preparing to do something live again soon!

But all that's bullshit talk that could come off as puffing our chests at vanquished enemies, or worse yet... tiring your brain because your brain only responds to 140 characters...

Here's the duo that got us through that whole disas-tour (<--- pun for smarties) + made us smile every fuckin' day.

Now I am happy. Back to work @glitchmode studios :-D

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