Wall Street Massacre Tour

Post-tour goodness

The first portion of the "Transhuman" tour has came to a close. 12 days of pure power and lots of grand memories. Further cementing our want to tour as much as possible, this last batch of shows was our best yet, emitting a whole lot of energy, even in the midst of technical problems, like sound guys not knowing how to mix. Here's hoping to get out again in the near future to hang out with all you guys again.

Tour pics are now available in the visual section. Touring was far too much fun for us not to be doing it on a semi-regular basis, so be on the lookout, as we plan to play many more shows in the coming months. Get in touch via sean@cyanotic-online.com if you have interest or know of a venue / promoter who would have interest in booking upcoming shows for late fall and beyond.

Thanks to Schmitty in Jersey and Gary in Wisconsin for all the extra hospitality. Great times were had by all at the other venues as well, but Jersey and Wisconsin were tops. Extra thanks to Form 30, Process Of Elimination, Neuroverse and especially Dismantled for sharing the stage with us, in addition to playing some fine music. A resounding round of applause is in order to salute Angelique Starr, our tour manager for the last few shows, for being such a huge help AND putting up with our blatant disregard for all things involving good taste.

Tour Shirt


Brand new "Transhuman" shirts available in the store at for $12. Grab a new shirt and "Transhuman" CD combo for just $20. Please add $4 extra to overseas orders. Sales will be in effect til mid September. The more CDs sold, the more cash we have to fund another touring excursion, so show some support and the reward will be seeing our stank asses in your town soon.

Cyanotic remix contest wrapping up soon. Please be sure to send in your submissions no later than September 10th if you still want to enter and have yet to do so. I will be making an announcement with the list of winners who will appear on a possible repressing of "Transhuman" and / or compilations very soon afterwards. Some great remixes that have already come my way from the likes of UCNX, GenCAB, Darque Science and others will be made available very soon. Thanks thus far to everybody who has sent submissions. With over 30 entries, its been difficult to choose a select few, but the time is coming that we wrap up this little contest once and for all.

Thanks again to all the fans (new and old alike) who were in attendance at shows this time around. We had a blast partying with each and every one of you and you can definitely count on seeing us in your area again. Please get in touch either via our the message boards or via emailing sean@cyanotic-online.com if you have pics from the shows you would like to share. I saw at least a few of you snapping pics like a bastard paparazzo, so don't you go keeping 'em all to yourself. Keep spreading the gospel o' Cyanotic like a mini-plague and, as always, be in touch.

Finally, best wishes to DJ Leslie and Jairus Pryor of Ad-Ver-Sary, currently on tour with Antigen Shift and Iszoloscope, and to our good friends in PTI, currently on tour with Stromkern. Here's hoping you guys have as great a time on the road as we did. Turn it up and make some speakers bleed.

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