First Cyanotic Show of 2k12

Cyanotic will be playing as direct support for Faderhead on April 3rd @ Reggies in Chicago, IL. We don't usually enjoy a lot of current industrial dance music, but you know you have heard this song, and you know it is catchier than a lot of other crap polluting all our collective ears. Nice old Nitzer Ebb swing arp and memorable vocal hooks.

The new Cyanotic lineup is coming together. Our new drummer is Paul Wood and he will be visiting Glitch Mode Recordings for jam time this coming weekend. I, Sean Payne, am busy making new live mixes of all our robo noises. "F@5h10n V1k+um5" should go over well with the crowd at this show. What do you think?

Also in Cya-news, a new volume of the Med:Pack series is close to completion. Did you hear Vol. 1? It's available direct from this (Glitch Mode Recordings) and fixtstore.com.

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