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Fans/friends who purchased VIP tickets for Phoenix, AZ through Providence, RI please contact for refunds. Unfortunately, we don't have access to those funds ourselves, otherwise I would be issuing the refunds myself.

To all listeners of The Medication Generation, thank you x10. The positive reviews and strong support are extremely reassuring for us to continue forging ahead amidst all the current chaos.

A lot of cancellation announcements from other bands always seem to have a tinge of ambiguous bullshit to 'em, but we are laying out the facts. There were some last minute problems with transportation and finances. We have always been dilligent in making it out to play shows, but there were auto problems that became increasingly evident throughout the Portland/San Fran/Los Angeles shows and the decisions are now out of our control. Our fate rests with our tempermental automobile. Its pretty unstable after enduring 4000+ miles in 8 days.

Additionally, we are now minus an old friend, 60 lbs of spring loaded rusting metal that was the keyborg. We will miss that robo-demon construct, courtesy of Matt Flego's mega imagination. In an effort to construct a replacement keyborg and get ourselves (and JP from Rabbit Junk/The Named) out to a remainder of the east coast/midwest tour stops, we are offering up tour merch for the CyaJunk crew to raise funds for the rest of tour. All orders will recieve a new Cyanotic vs Rabbit Junk digital EP featuring new tracks and remasters, including our unified cover "Gak Bitch" by The Shizit. Visit to order. Thanks for your understanding and support during all the chaos. Its you, the listener, that keeps us thriving.

Please send any questions to or

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